Wholesale Plants


foliagedirect_headerPlant Interscapes internal green-goods purchasing division Foliage Direct, specializes in the wholesale plants distribution of Hawaiian foliage and top quality plants from California and Florida.  Additionally, Foliage Direct is a wholesale distributor of decorative containers and related products.  Foliage Direct is capably positioned to meet the needs of current and new wholesale customers while Plant Interscapes remains focused on its commercial services core competencies.

Where Do We Get Our Wholesale Plants?

Foliage Direct maintains a greenhouse range solely committed to wholesale distribution and increased product volume from nation-wide sources. Our expansive logistics network sources plant material weekly from a range of 5,000 miles–from Hilo, Hawaii to Homestead, Florida.  What does this mean for you?  Due to our purchasing volume, we are able to procure the choicest tropical plant material from all major production regions to offer a product range that is consistent in quality and availability & competitive on price.  Our grower relationships and proactive quality control measures ensure plants are graded and selected prior to leaving their origin to ensure delivery that is accurate and on time.

Plant Source Regions