Benefits of Interior Plant Service

The health and wellness benefits of adding natural greenery to your office are just too important to ignore, but now you are faced with the decision of which plants to choose and where to place them to get utility and an attractive display.

There are a lot of variables to consider such as plant height and width, climate, and how often a plant needs care. A professional interior plant service is the answer these problems. With an interior plant service you can buy or lease your plants, and they design the plantscape to fit your office layout.

Design and Productivity

Experienced designers work with you to produce an anesthetically pleasing layout that compliments your work space, and they find the best locations to place your greenery to increase productivity and the serenity of your employees.

Dr. Leonard Perry in his Plants at Work study stated that even a plant on a desk improves an employee’s performance, but by hiring an interior plant service gives you the perfect balance of green space to work space.

Plants and Care

Which plants work best in your work environment? A professional service understands your lighting and humidity levels, and they will offer you the best solution with the least care.

Plant size is important, and a schedule of rotation keeps your greens looking fresh and healthy.

A professional service has the plants available to offer you a wide and healthy selection of plants throughout the year, and they can work within a budget that works for you.

Dr. Perry mentions the positive effect of plants on the office environment, and reinforces the idea that a well maintained and designed plantscape is cheaper than other office design options.

The well thought out placement of greenery lends a welcoming, upscale and relaxed ambiance to an office. Using an interior plant service relieves the stress of caring for your investment, and at a cost that is as pleasing as the plants they bring to you.

4 Trends in Interior Plant Service

By Caitlin Doyle

If you flip through any design magazine today you will surely notice a new greener trend — PLANTS!

If you’re looking to add this trendy design element to your space, here are a few tips on how to incorporate these top trending interiorscape elements into your own space.

Green Living Walls

benefits of green living walls

Green living walls have become a major trend in the last year, and we expect to see even more of them, especially in corporate settings. A green wall is not only beautiful but will also reduce noise, purify the air and can help reduce your energy costs!

Read more about the benefits of green living walls

You will see that green living walls are popping up in hotels, restaurants, retail spaces and corporate offices because they are a relatively inexpensive and make a major impact.

Learn about the benefits of interior plants in hospitality

Green living walls range in shape and size from a small plant portrait to whole walls.


top trends in interior plant service

On the tables, in the windowsills or terrariums, succulents are everywhere. The luscious plants are nothing new, but their prevalence seems to be on trend in mass plantings, floral arrangements or just hanging out by themselves in a cool container.

Succulents come in a large variety of shapes, colors and textures. Use these in your space by mixing a variety of these trendy plants. They can be used in rustic and modern locations alike. You will see succulents hanging out in everything from sleek modern planters to rustic pottery or metal containers.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

One of the most recent trends in Interiorscapes is the use of monochromatic containers.  You will see this trend used in a modern office or boutique hotel.

A white container against a white wall allows the plants to speak for themselves and brings more attention to the form of the container instead of the color, but white is not the only color this works for. We are also seeing the use of black, grey and rich golden browns.

This trend pairs best with unique plant varieties. Think unique textures and forms, such as the large leaf of a Ficus Lyrata or the interesting trunk of the Open Weave Marginata.

Repetition of Plant Variety

top trends in interior plant service

Repetition may not sound like a very interesting design trend, but it creates a very dramatic statement when done correctly.  When used in mass, the same variety of plant creates a cohesive modern design. This can be accomplished by utilizing the same variety in multiple containers throughout your space or you can also get the same effect by repeating the same plant in just a single planter.

For an ultra-modern look, use different varieties of Sansevieria.  Sansevieria are low maintenance plants that can also handle very low light. This type of design is typically used for in spaces very modern and high-end spaces.

the benefits of green living walls_vertical garden systems

Benefits of Live Plants for Hospitality Industry

benefits of live plants in hotels

Managers in Hospitality Industry

Hospitality managers of large hotels and resorts are familiar with the fact that their personnel’s happiness and quality of life directly impact the quality of that person’s work performance.

To further demonstrate the viability of a person’s disposition and happiness attuned to their surrounding environment, it is noted that not only are workers and volunteers affected by their work area, so are the guests and visitors who visit the hotel or resort for business or leisure activities.

These are of even more importance to managers, because the happiness and well-being of paying guests translates into repeat business.

People spend most of their lifetime indoors in enclosures of man-made furnishings, equipment and utensils.

Environmental Psychology studies research involving the human body, mind and spirit in direct alignment with surroundings.  The environment in which we operate has significant impact on well-being, emotional stability, and either builds or destroys stress limits.

Live Plants Aren’t Just Window Dressing

interior plant service - benefits of live plants

Lush treatments of healthy plants in office areas, hallways and lobbies are attractive simply for their aesthetic appeal but natural plants provide tangible benefits.

Shrewd managers within the hospitality businesses, hotels, and restaurants know benefits of live plants for their environment reaps benefits in atmosphere and the financial bottom line.

Efficiency experts have stressed calming work environments for decades by using calming colors and live foliage and plant arrangements.

World leaders and celebrities with stressful schedules nurture benefits of live plants plants into their surroundings, as Princess Diana of the UK spoke about her incorporating plants, live arrangements and aromatherapy benefits for her stress.

Benefits of Interior Plant Service

Learning how to keep live plants attractive, alive and thriving can be a formidable task in large environments understanding benefits of live plants. Consequently, interior plant service from a professional horticulture specialist is essential both for choosing the right indoor plants and to successfully maintain them.

  • Maintenance taken care of
  • Increased productivity of workers
  • Improved well-being and reduced sickness of personnel
  • Fewer mistakes on the job
  • Personnel and visitors alike enjoyed therapeutic value
  • Increased revenue per guest in hotel management
  • Improved occupancy of hotel, restaurant or resort
  • Green LEED standards attractively met

Plant Interscapes combines the expertise in growing and nurturing live plants with the equally important skill of being prescient in caring for each plant.  Contact us today to discuss how they can help elevate your working environment into success with live plants.

the benefits of green living walls_vertical garden systems

Research Proves the Benefits of Office Plants

benefits of office plants

On average, people now spend 80-90% of their life indoors in artificial environments. This new modern lifestyle presents us with new problems within our indoor situations to consider concerning our health and wellbeing.

The study of these positive or negative effects our environment has on us is called environmental psychology, and conclusions of these studies have clearly shown that the environment in which we commonly operate have significant effects on our sense of well-being, emotion stability and stress limits.

What type of environment do you work in and reside in most? How does your work environment affect your work?

The Human Spaces Global Report, 2015

The Human Spaces report into The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace has revealed that employees who work in environments with natural elements report a 15% higher level of well-being, are 6% more productive and 15% more creative overall.

The Human Spaces Global Report

A part of this report stated that 40% of people in the US agreed that natural greenery within their indoor environment made them feel calmer and more relaxed.

Live Plants Aren’t Just for Looks

sa cabo r

Although office plants and live plants used for décor are often attractive simply for their aesthetic appeal, live plants in any environment actually have tangible benefits that many overlook. Many office managers, hotel managers, and property building managers don’t consider investing in live plants for their indoor environment even though they add much value.

Research has proven these benefits time and time again, and this most recent report proves again the great benefits of office plants.

It all goes back to the term Biophilia, which refers to the innate and uncompromising requirement for humans to seek nature.

Commenting on the Human Spaces research findings, Professor Sir Cary Cooper, said: “The benefit of design inspired by nature, known as biophilic design, is accumulating evidence at a rapid pace. Looking at a snapshot of global working environments, up to one in five people have no natural elements within their workspace and alarmingly nearly 50% of workers have no natural light. Yet a third of us say that workplace design would affect our decision to join a company. There’s a big disparity here and one that hints at workplace design only recently rising to prominence as a crucial factor.

This innate appeal can be connected to the tangible benefits that humans gain from an environment filled with live plants.

Benefits of office plants

  • Increased productivity by as much as 12% Read more
  • Improved well-being and reduced sickness
  • Less data entry errors
  • Physical and mental therapeutic value
  • Increased revenue per guest in hotel management Read more
  • Improved occupancy rates by as much as 17% Read more
  • Green building requirements met such as LEED standards

The truth is that plants can be tremendously helpful and restorative, but you have to know what you’re doing. That means choosing the right indoor plants to meet your needs and suit your environment. It also means learning how to keep each plant alive and thriving. Interior plant service from a professional horticulture specialist is a great option for choosing the right indoor plants and maintain them. Contact Plant Interscapes to learn more about interior plant service.

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5 Benefits of Interior Plants in Green Living Walls

We have been talking a lot about the many advantages of interior plants. From improving air quality and reducing office noise, which causes stress, to actually saving businesses money because of less data entry errors and fewer employee absences.

Is it all true or just hype? Seems like if having live office plants was that helpful, then we would all be surrounded by them.

live office plants at desk

Image source:

It’s true. There are many studies that support interior plants in the office and home.

Then the question becomes: Do the benefits outweigh the time and effort it takes to maintain live plants?

Once again, we think yes. And it can be made easy when you hire interior plant service. Check out this case study to learn how a horticulture specialist can help you. The specialist will consider your environment and help you choose the right plants.

A Green Living Wall is a beautiful option that is very innovative and different than the traditional plant and container duo. But because live plants make up their entirety, they are just as effective for the workplace environment.

green living wall


Learn how to maintain Green Living Walls

Benefits of Green Living Walls

  1. Therapeutic value (mental). Many types of plants are well suited for color therapy or aromatherapy. Certain scents and colors are known to trigger feelings on a subconscious level. Blues and greens are known to be calming colors. Lavender is a relaxing scent, while lemon and orange aromas improve mental function. The act of caring for a plant is also mentally healing in and of itself.
  2. Therapeutic value (physical). The first medicines were made from plants, and rightly so. Aloe is a succulent plant containing a gel that speeds healing and takes the pain out of burns, bites, and scrapes. Herbs like chamomile and nettle make tasty and restorative teas. Chives and their flowers are flavorful and are also high in antioxidants.
  3. Better sleep. Most people don’t count sound sleep as one of the typical advantages of indoor plants. However, high oxygen-emitting plants aid in falling and staying asleep, and aren’t addictive like some sleeping pills.
  4. Reduced illnesses and pests. Many plants remove toxins from the air that can cause colds and headaches and prevent restorative sleep. Plants can also keep insects away. In addition, acclimating children to plants at a young age can reduce their chances of developing allergies later on.
  5. Aesthetic appeal. Being pretty isn’t often listed as one of the advantages of indoor plants. However, being surrounded by beauty is known to make people happier.

The truth is that plants can be tremendously helpful and restorative, but you have to know what you’re doing. That means choosing the right indoor plants to meet your needs and suit your environment. It also means learning how to keep each plant alive and thriving. Interior plant service from a professional horticulture specialist is a great option for choosing the right indoor plants and maintain them. Contact Plant Interscapes to learn more about interior plant service.

the benefits of green living walls_vertical garden systems

How an Interior Plant Service Saves You Money

Maybe you already know about the benefits of office plants but don’t think you have the time, budget, or green thumb to make it happen. What you may not know is that an interior plant service can actually save your business money in the long run.

Where the Cost Savings Come From

The benefits of greenery in the workplace are well established. However, how is it possible for an interior plant service to save money?

  • For starters, improving the air quality around the office can reduce or eliminate the effects of “sick building syndrome.” Ever notice that once one or two people get sick at a business, the illness cycles through almost everyone? This is because toxins and viruses concentrate in sealed offices, causing and spreading illnesses over time. Air-cleaning plants can combat this, resulting in fewer employee call-ins and higher productivity.
  • Some plants, like lilies, spider plants, and ferns, can filter chemicals from cleaning material residue or furniture right out of the air. Cleaner, fresher air has a ripple effect on the entire office—improving mood, focus, and alertness.
  • Certain plants even produce essential oils that have been shown to cut down on data entry errors.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, plants also help regulate air humidity via transpiration, a process that creates optimal humidity levels for humans. Comfortable employees are more focused and productive, and may even display better problem-solving skills.
  • Promoting employee health and satisfaction through plants can help reduce employee turnover, which also saves your business money on training hours.

Where to Begin

If you’re interested in creating a healthier environment that will save you money, an interior plant service professional can discuss selecting the right greenery to improve the look, feel, and comfort level of your office. This professional can also provide plant care (and replacements, if necessary) so you have dynamic and effective plant displays all year round.

It’s easy to experience the many benefits of office plants when there are professionals who would love to lend their green thumbs. For more information, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.

How an Interior Plant Service Can Enhance Your Business

interior plant serviceAs a business owner or manager, you might wonder how important plants are to an indoor office environment. It’s well established that the right indoor plants can enhance a business. Not only can properly maintained greenery help your office look exceptional, it can also add vitality and a professional air to workspaces, restaurants, waiting rooms, and more. But what if you don’t have the time or horticultural knowledge to care for plants? That’s when an interior plant service can come in handy.


Bringing in a few potted plants may seem so easy that anyone could do it. But plants placed precariously on the corners of desks or on already full shelves can lead to disaster. If those plants should wilt or brown from lack of proper light or water, that just looks depressing. An interior plant service will work with you to find plants and planters that look great, won’t distract or inconvenience staff or clients, and will provide excellent benefits.


Multiple Benefits

For example, indoor greenery can be placed strategically around the office to maximize benefits with minimal intrusion. Flowering plants can add a mild and pleasing fragrance to the office without being overpowering. You can also choose plants that improve air quality, act as insect repellants, and even improve your employees’ and customers’ moods. Best yet, an interior plant service provider will perform routine maintenance so you can reap these rewards without getting your hands dirty.


Compact Designs

Perhaps you feel plants would help your office, but there’s just no room for them. However, vertical planters, also called wall gardens, are an exciting and unique way to add plants to your officescape without giving up valuable floor, desk, and shelf space. The right interior plant service can use your input and design a vertical garden to complement your business and workspace.


Worry-Free Greenery

Contracted maintenance visits mean your greenery will always look great while you don’t lift a finger. Speak with a local interior plant service provider and find out how an interior plant service can be a valuable addition to your business.

What to Look for in an Interior Plant Service

interior plant service

Business owners want a lot of the same things from their indoor office plants. These include beauty, ease of maintenance, affordability, and consistency of quality. Additionally, seasonal changeability, improvement of indoor air, and freedom to change one’s mind are also important factors. Plenty of interior plant service companies promise pretty plants that will stay alive, but how can you be sure that the horticulture professionals you hire will be able to meet all of your needs at a budget you feel good about?

Start by determining the budget you want to stay within, and by defining your specific needs. Are you looking for a few focal point plants near an entranceway or in your reception area or do you need mass-plantings to fill an atrium or raised beds? Do you want both indoor and outdoor plants? Should the changing seasons or approaching holidays make a difference in your desired plant layout? Whatever your choices, you’ll want to ensure that the interior plant service you hire is flexible enough to meet all of your needs without pressuring you to spend more than you’re comfortable with. Look for testimonials from local customers, and if possible, check them out in person. Your own eyes can tell you far more than an Email or phone call.

A reputable interior plant service should be upfront about all costs and expected delivery windows so that there are no surprises. They should freely tell you where they source their plants, what chemicals are used, and what any possible caveats are. They should know, for example, why a poinsettia is a bad choice for a pet store. Further, the interior plant service you choose should be well-versed not just in maintaining plants, but in helping you make the best selections based on space, light levels, preferred appearance, and desired functionality. Your satisfaction should be guaranteed within specific parameters that you are told upfront. Finding the right interior plant service can be the beginning of a long, lush, and beautiful relationship…with plants!