Best Indoor Office Plants

Greenery in the office environment has a measurable impact on employee satisfaction, health, and office culture.

When plants are introduced into the office, expect to see decreased stress in employees and increased productivity, according to a study by Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University. During the experiment, subjects showed significant recovery from stress within 5 minutes when exposed to plant life, and a 12% increase in productivity.

Don’t dismiss the anesthetics of indoor office plants either. Gallup polls indicate two-thirds of Americans enjoy gardening as a hobby.

When retaining top employees is important, studies by Dr. Ulrich of Oxford University show that plants for the office have a measurable positive effect on employee satisfaction and disposition.

When selecting indoor office plants, consider the care the plant requires.

The best office plants are attractive, low maintenance and take advantage of underutilized space.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are ubiquitous plants for the office for good reason. They’re attractive and fun with spiderettes that hang down from the mother plant. They can suffer the occasional neglect of a long weekend or forgotten watering and prefer cooler temperatures common in environmentally controlled offices making their care manageable for beginner indoor gardeners.

Peace Lily

Peace lily plants are one of the best office plants thanks to their tolerance for low light and their ease of care. They reduce air pollutants and are enthusiastic growers that are easy to repot so one plant can over time add additional indoor office plants, or given to employees to take home. Indoor office plants such as the peace lily can be used as natural decoration and when clumped together create a focal point in the office regardless of the availability of light.

English Ivy

In offices with limited space, a climbing plant for the office may be the right choice, such as English ivy. Employees can get creative guiding the ivy up structures or down from hanging plants. Because of its creeping nature, it can make an interior space feel like the outdoors. While ivy also prefers to be more dry than watered, it does require once a month fertilization and occasional dusting of its leaves.

Indoor office plant improve office environments, reduce stress with minimal exposure for both employees and clients, increase employee focus and productivity, as well as improving employee satisfaction and retention. The best office plants improve anesthetics and require minimal care.

Best Office Plants for a Cold Office

Few things make an office feel more like a home than a healthy plant giving off an enticing aroma.

Unfortunately, many plants for the office fare poorly due to cold temperatures, poor lighting, and a general lack of care – especially when left alone for weekends and holidays with no water.

Thankfully, there some plants can flourish under such circumstances, survive on less water, and brighten the office environment for all.

Here are some of the best office plants for cold office rooms that won’t require a lot of time, effort, or maintenance and still look great.

Cast Iron Plant

It has a simple name that suggests hardiness and durability, and that’s exactly what you get with the Cast Iron Plant, whose scientific name is Aspidistra elatior. The green, leafy plant tolerates poor growing conditions, including cool temperatures, poor lighting, and a general lack of water, and still looks good. It’s long, wide, flat leaves grow about a foot in length with an elegant bend near the top as the weight of each leaf causes it to bend. Noted for tough, leather-like foliage, the plant was a favorite in royal chambers and is one of the best office plants you could choose.


Dark green leaves and vibrant red flowers that bloom all year make begonias among the best plants for the office. Although known as an outdoor plant, their waxy leaves come in many varieties, and its red flowers continuously will bloom throughout the year. The plant can tolerate temperature variations but doesn’t grow well in very hot or very cold weather, which makes them ideal indoor plants for the office. Begonias grow best indoors when you place them near a window, where they can soak in even more of the sun’s nutritional rays.

Norfolk Island Pine

If you enjoy larger plants and the scent of pine, the Norfolk Island Pine is one of the best office plants that grow larger and provide a pleasant outdoor aroma while indoors. The Norfolk Island Pine is more fern-like than the pine trees you typically might envision, and it does not dry out and shed needles, like a traditional pine would. The plant should be kept near windows to get as much natural light as possible and rotated weekly to keep it from leaning toward the light. The Norfolk Island Pine will withstand cold temperatures and thrive inside your office all year.

Best Office Plants for the Fall Season

The Importance of Office Plants

One surefire way for you to avoid a tired, dreary office, which often leads to tired, dreary workers and a decrease in productivity, is to decorate your office with plants. You have a lot of responsibility already as an office manager, so you’re probably not interested in being a full time gardener, but there are some beautiful, low maintenance plants out there that would be perfectly at home in your office, even during the Fall.

The Best Office Plants for the Fall

Flowering Maple

The flowering maple blooms with muted shades of white, yellow, pink, orange and red, perfect for adding a bit of color to your office in the Fall without overdoing it. This plant is an evergreen which requires minimal light. A south facing window is best for this plant.

Ficus Elastica

The ficus elastica, also known as the rubber fig, is a wonderful plant for your office. The ficus has broad, glossy leaves with several varieties offering different colors, such as red and black. This plant does fine with minimal light and watering and is tolerant of a variety of temperatures, but any drastic changes in temperature or light levels can be detrimental. It does well with peat, bark and coarse sand for potting soil.

Gold Capella

The gold capella, as its name suggests, is a gorgeous plant with dark green and gold leaves. It’s also an easy plant to grow, and requires minimal care in the right environment. This plant prefers indirect light, preferably by a west facing curtained window. It’s very drought tolerant and disease resistant, but for optimal growth regular watering is recommended. You should never leave this plant in water, as it can quickly become over saturated.

In conclusion, these plants are all good plants for the office in the Fall, with minimal care and sunlight required, but keep in mind plants are living things and they will require some basic oversight on your part. For more information on office plants and plant care get in touch with the specialists at Plant Interscapes.


Best Office Plants that are Easy to Maintain

There are many benefits to creating a work environment that is warm and welcoming. Plants add a touch of personality to otherwise drab spaces, but it’s important to choose the right ones for your needs.

Some plants don’t do well in an office environment, so it’s best to choose plants that are tolerant of poor light and erratic watering schedules.

Here are some of the lowest-maintenance house plants that work very well in an office setting.

Best Office Plants for Easy Maintenance

Spider Plants

Spider Plant

The spider plant is perfectly suited for hanging baskets or sitting on high shelves.  They require little light and can happily grow in partially sunny or shady areas.  They’re an excellent option in office spaces where there aren’t many windows or much natural light.  They only need an appropriately-sized pot filled with good-quality potting soil.  They can survive with an erratic watering schedule and should do just fine under plain fluorescent lighting.  If you notice a spider plant start to look droopy or brown, it might need a dose of brighter light and a bit more water.  Otherwise, they’re one of the hardier varieties of indoor office plants.

We also discussed spider plants here.


Peace Lilies

best office plants peace lilies

These shade-loving beauties are perfectly happy far from windows and natural light.  Peace lilies are exceptional natural filters and have gorgeous, softly-scented blooms.  Their easy care and hardy nature make them some of the best office plants around.  They should be planted in good-quality, loosely-packed potting soil in a pot that provides good drainage.  The soil should never be allowed to completely dry out, so a stable watering schedule is needed.  With proper care, their leaves are gorgeously green and they bloom frequently.







best office plants pilodendron

Philodendrons are an excellent choice for office spaces because they’re very difficult to kill.  Hanging baskets or pots on high shelves work well for these hardy plants.  They don’t mind a little sunlight, but can thrive in artificial lighting conditions, too.  They need to be watered fairly regularly, about twice a week.  By providing them a decently-sized pot and good, loosely-packed potting soil, they’ll be happy and healthy; a truly beautiful addition to your office area.






Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right plants for the office will ensure that you have a workspace that is warm and welcoming, as well as healthier.  From better air quality to greater productivity, having some green plants in the office can make all the difference, both for your business and your employees. Read more about the benefits of office plants.

The horticulture specialists at Plant Interscapes can also help you choose the best plants for your environment. Contact us today!

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Best Office Plants that Look Great

Perhaps you’re a fan of indoor office plants in your workspace, or perhaps until now, the thought of adding plants has never really crossed your mind.

Regardless, the addition of office plants can breathe life into any space and make it feel more homey. Plus, there are proven benefits of office plants from reduced stress to improved air quality. Read more

But today, we’re just focusing on the best office plants that look awesome! The following office plants are sure to catch your eye, as well as the eye of your coworkers and customers.


best office plants pathos

Pothos plants are lovely with their green heart shaped leaves, splotched with white spots. These popular plants have green stems that are rope-like, and can grow quite long. This potted plant will look great on your desk or a nearby shelf.


best office plants philodendron

One species of Philodendrons,which are beautiful foliage plants, happen to be climbers. This species make wonderful office plants and are ideal for adding height to any space that is small. Place this plant on a file cabinet or go with a hanging basket.

Spider Plants

best office plants spider plant

The spider plant is sure to make a statement with its spiderettes, which are spider plant babies, that hang from the main plant. Generally pretty small white flowers appear and then become spiderettes. Spider plants can be found in variegated and green varieties and are great conversation starters.

Snake Plants

best office plants snake plant

For truly unique indoor office plants, snakes plants, also sometimes referred to as mother-in-law’s tongue, are a must. The attractive green leaves,which sometimes have yellow along the edges, look like swords and can grow quite tall. This plant makes a great focal point in any office.

You do not want to miss out on these and other attention grabbing plants for the office!

A professional designer from Plant Interscapes will assist you in choosing the best office plants for your business that not only look great, but include the best benefits of live plants for your space. Contact us today!

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