Our Uniqueness

office plants How does Plant Interscapes excel in appearance and performance?

  • Through a multifaceted, computerized project management system coordinates, controls and tracks every operation. That means on-time, on-target performance for every client every day.
  • With a 20,000-square-foot greenhouse facility guarantees that hundreds of plants are readily available for immediate delivery.
  • Incorporating an advanced communications system uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to direct and link all staff members, all operations.
  • With a innovative, well-defined career path produces a capable and enthusiastic staff of career horticulturists.

Utilizing a unique, integrated pest management system controls potential insect problems without chemicals.

Finally, we offer a 100% total satisfaction guarantee backs up everything, all the time.

How can Plant Interscapes guarantee outstanding appearance every day?

Creative horticultural design elements—precisely the right plants and decorative containers for them—are selected from specialized nurseries in various parts of the U.S. and abroad by our design and purchasing staff.

Mobilizing a talented, veteran team of installation specialists regularly overcome any obstacles to deliver and install plants—from a handful to hundreds—with care and precision always faithful to the designer’s and clients’ plan.

How do we maintain “Best-in-the-Industry-Standards”?

  • With Plant Interscapes’ Customer CARE Program, the result is continuous quality control for spectacular performance.
  • With a staff of uniformed technicians who are not only well trained and very skilled but truly love what they do.
  • With horticulturists who are board-certified by PLANET, the industry’s professional association.
  • With qualified expertise backed by dedicated account managers who schedule proactive visits to meet every client’s unique expectations.

Operational Uniqueness

Horticultural Career Path

Our horticultural staff is continuously learning. We have developed an in-house career path that allows our technicians to advance to increasing levels of proficiency. This program provides for greater tenure and stability of our staff and more consistent care for our customers.

PLANET Certified Landscape Technicians

We have a culture of certification. We know to be our best we need to be recognized by outside sources. PLANET, our industry trade association certifies those with proven horticultural expertise. This Certification is the culmination of our career path and what Plant Interscapes service professionals strive for.

Customer CARE

Our customer CARE program manages all customer requests and actively responds to those opportunities. Our CARE desk directs response and provides telephone follow-up to any type of customer inquiry or concern. The result? Complete customer satisfaction. Contact customer care at 888.284.2257 or care@plantinterscapes.com.

Educational Development

The best interior plants come for South Florida. Annually, the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE) occurs in the sunshine state and Plant Interscapes is always present. Why? To become better informed. We bring an entourage of key staff to this event to identify new and improved hybrids and become more knowledgeable in care techniques. The result – we become better and offer better products.

Plant Purchasing

Plant Interscapes has an preferred relationship with Foliage Direct, a business-to-business provider of fresh tropical greenery to the trade. Foliage Direct becomes the eyes and ears of our organization in sourcing the healthiest and most vigorous plants from South Florida, California, Hawaii and Texas. With literally hundreds of nurseries offing similar products, it’s critical to acquire the best quality plant material. Foliage Direct makes it happen through knowledgeable sourcing, deep relationships and extensive pre-booking.

Service Reviews

We have developed a structured service review program. This program schedules our management staff into your buildings on a scheduled basis to meet with you and continually evaluate and improve our services. Service Review provides direct feedback to the service staff identifies areas of proficiency or items needing special attention.

Design and Sales Uniqueness

office plants

Award-winning Designers

Our design staff has vast industry experience. We have been recognized by our peers and have received industry recognition for many of the projects in which we have been involved. Our design creativity means your properties will have a distinctive flare and beauty.

Improved Plant Varieties

Plant Interscapes is well connected. While we don’t take credit for growing the spectacular plants we work with, we do know where to find them. Our agents in South Florida and our California and Hawaiian connections assure are use of the most unique and improved plant hybrids in the industry. Our designs are always up to date with the most beautiful foliage available.

Digital Imaging

Interior plantings are visually stimulating. We convey our thoughts and ideas visually, before approval or installation. How? Through digital imaging. We take existing background photos and overlay plant and container selections to provide a realistic image of the finished product. No more uncertainty or guesswork involved providing you more comfort in decision-making.

Proactive Design Enhancement

Our service management schedules regular visits to insure the quality of plant care is consistent.  Likewise, our sales and design staff schedule regular meetings to walk the property to suggest enhancements. All properties and accessories age and eventually become dated. Our design suggestions assure you have current concepts at all times and are able to adequately budget for enhancements as needed.

Creative Color Programs

Nothing says “Hello” and is as welcoming as an interior seasonal color program. The beauty of flowers in the interior space provides tenants a sense that somebody cares about them and is taking the time to beautify their environment. Plant Interscapes offers both economical simplistic color programs to the very elaborate. Our proprietary database assures the right flowers arrive as scheduled each time, every time, assuring attractiveness of your interior spaces.

Customer Relationships

We desire to develop deep relationships with our customers. Our customers often meet and express their opinions and expectations to us in a group forum. Our annual corporate retreat regularly features a respected customer that honestly conveys our strengths and shortcomings so we know how and where to improve. It’s another way we get better at serving you.