COOL All-Inclusive Interiors

One Flat Monthly Fee. Plant Maintenance, Rotations, & Replacement Included. Now that’s COOL.

Shop now for easy & economical indoor plant enhancements for your environment from one of our 5 COOL collections.

The Challenge

Create welcoming, remarkable, and dynamic interiors. Maintain your space easily, keeping the look fresh.


Choose from 4 different series of interior plants to enhance your space. We maintain, rotate, and replace plants for one set monthly fee using our award-winning team.


A remarkable space, fewer sick days, happier employees, and less stress in your office.

From stark and sterile to warm, colorful and welcoming. Plants and trees placed by our designer deliver a huge brand impact at a modest cost.

Environmentally Conscious

With European Design

The Phoenix™ planter contains more than 80% post consumer recycled material created by molding recycled plastic from old office equipment. Your attractive containers now contribute to your LEED Recycled Content credit!

Nurturing environments show employees and clients that you care, creating a lasting impression.

Phoenix™ pots offered in 30 designer colors and finishes.

The Phoenix Container Difference

Wick and Riser Sub-Irrigation

Our wick system soaks up water from a reserve pool on the bottom of your pot, feeding it to roots as the plant needs it. One watering from our team can last over 2 weeks! The result? Responsible water usage, fewer service visits, reduced fuel consumption and less roadway congestion&emdash;all providing environmental benefits and savings.