Benefits of Live Plants for Hospitality Industry

benefits of live plants in hotels

Managers in Hospitality Industry

Hospitality managers of large hotels and resorts are familiar with the fact that their personnel’s happiness and quality of life directly impact the quality of that person’s work performance.

To further demonstrate the viability of a person’s disposition and happiness attuned to their surrounding environment, it is noted that not only are workers and volunteers affected by their work area, so are the guests and visitors who visit the hotel or resort for business or leisure activities.

These are of even more importance to managers, because the happiness and well-being of paying guests translates into repeat business.

People spend most of their lifetime indoors in enclosures of man-made furnishings, equipment and utensils.

Environmental Psychology studies research involving the human body, mind and spirit in direct alignment with surroundings.  The environment in which we operate has significant impact on well-being, emotional stability, and either builds or destroys stress limits.

Live Plants Aren’t Just Window Dressing

interior plant service - benefits of live plants

Lush treatments of healthy plants in office areas, hallways and lobbies are attractive simply for their aesthetic appeal but natural plants provide tangible benefits.

Shrewd managers within the hospitality businesses, hotels, and restaurants know benefits of live plants for their environment reaps benefits in atmosphere and the financial bottom line.

Efficiency experts have stressed calming work environments for decades by using calming colors and live foliage and plant arrangements.

World leaders and celebrities with stressful schedules nurture benefits of live plants plants into their surroundings, as Princess Diana of the UK spoke about her incorporating plants, live arrangements and aromatherapy benefits for her stress.

Benefits of Interior Plant Service

Learning how to keep live plants attractive, alive and thriving can be a formidable task in large environments understanding benefits of live plants. Consequently, interior plant service from a professional horticulture specialist is essential both for choosing the right indoor plants and to successfully maintain them.

  • Maintenance taken care of
  • Increased productivity of workers
  • Improved well-being and reduced sickness of personnel
  • Fewer mistakes on the job
  • Personnel and visitors alike enjoyed therapeutic value
  • Increased revenue per guest in hotel management
  • Improved occupancy of hotel, restaurant or resort
  • Green LEED standards attractively met

Plant Interscapes combines the expertise in growing and nurturing live plants with the equally important skill of being prescient in caring for each plant.  Contact us today to discuss how they can help elevate your working environment into success with live plants.

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Benefits of Indoor Plants

  • Interior plants can lower O&M costs.  

Studies indicate that plants release moisture in office environments, creating a humidity level matching the human comfort range of 30% to 60%. When office air humidity falls below this range, materials such as wood can become cracked. When office air humidity exceeds this range, condensation on windows and exterior walls can cause structural damage. By keeping office air humidity levels within the proper comfort range, interior plants can help avoid costly repairs.

  • Interior plants can increase workplace productivity.  

Interior plants are more than office decorations. In fact, it has been proven through scientific studies that interior plants can decrease employee stress levels while raising productivity levels by as much as 12%.

  • Interior plants can reduce sick leave expenses.  

Sick Building Syndrome is a serious and expensive liability when common microorganisms and toxins become concentrated within sealed office buildings. Scientific data confirms that sealed office buildings are often 10 times more polluted than the air outside. Research shows that plant-filled rooms contain 50% to 60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants. Adding plants reduces expenses incurred from employee sick days.

  • Indoor Landscapes Provide Economic Benefits.  

The advantages of a professionally installed and maintained landscape go beyond “curb appeal” and head straight for the bottom line. A well-designed landscape invites customers in the door producing higher occupancy rates, increased rentals and lower vacancies. Also, the proper selection and placement of plant material can lower heating and cooling costs by as much as 20% while creating a healthier environment.



It starts with sourcing a wide range of “pedigreed” interior plants from premier growers in Texas, Florida, California and Hawaii. Every plant installed at a client’s site is the best of its kind. And it’s treated as a valued partner on the Plant Interscapes team, one with lots of star quality. That’s how everything contributes to IMPACT.



Making outdoor and rooftop spaces distinctive. That’s the role of the Patioscape division. By combining outdoor foliage with unusual decorative containers, Patioscape creates dramatic productions. Why should outdoor plants and trees often go unnoticed when they have IMPACT potential to achieve results?



How do you communicate the spirit and feeling of a season or event? The Seasonscapes division of Plant Interscapes does it impressively with seasonal displays and holiday dècor. From winter Holiday designs to events that include Easter, Thanksgiving and Summer Fiestas, Seasonscapes brings holidays and celebrations to life. That’s IMPACT.


Special Events

Trade shows. Conferences. Office parties. Client gift-giving. Plant Interscapes is staffed and skilled to handle all kinds of special event planning. Other specialties? Short term rentals. And there is also a wide selection of gifts for any occasion — personal or professional. Contact us today for specific information.

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Neoregelia Medusa

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