How Live Plants can Enhance the Hotel Guest Experience

By Cathy Lathrop Sutherland

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Every hotel has an ambience that is created by the room’s decor, furniture, and color scheme. The colors, tones, textures, and embellishments all tell a story and actually send a message about the hotel to guests and employees.

How does your hotel space make guests feel?

Whether the message your hotel communicates is luxury, trendy, boutique, or relaxation, the aesthetics is a major part of the guest experience.

The ability to convey the right feeling can come in many forms from adding art or even moving the furniture around. But there is one addition that is not often utilized to its full potential — live plants.

Benefits of Live Plants in Hotels


Live plants contribute to the distinct style and feel hotel managers try to convey in their hotel. Like other types of hotel decor, plants and their corresponding vessels can significantly alter the look and feel of a space.

Plants can be used in various ways. They can be the center of attention like a large scale green wall or tall palm trees. Plants can also be used to compliment a small area like in the corner of a sitting area in the lobby or on the welcome desk.

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In addition, adding plants is an economical way to impact and add style to the common areas of the hotel. The feel of the hotel space can be significantly enhanced by the types and sizes of plants and their corresponding vessels, as well as intentional placement.

As much as any other decor item, plants contribute to the overall look and feel of the hotel and the message or tone it’s trying to evoke. Plants and containers come in many sizes, shapes, and colors that will compliment and enhance the rest of the space.

Revenue Per Guest

Guests perceive a hotel space with live, well-cared for plants as more welcoming, relaxed and upscale. In addition, guests are more willing to stay longer and spend more when live plants are in the space.

Increasing occupancy rates is the name of the game for hotel general managers. While many factors can contribute to increased occupancy, studies show that live plants are economical, beautiful contributors. Learn more about increasing occupancy rates

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Plants Improve Occupancy, Retention Rates

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Why Plants and the Hospitality Industry Make Excellent Roommates

By Brenda Morgan

The hospitality industry is a highly competitive and an ever-evolving market which is all about FIRST IMPRESSION.

Guests want to feel welcomed upon arrival in every sense, therefore, success in the hotel industry is all about having the right look and feel. The appearance and design of a hotel while fundamental are critical to the overall guest experience.

Hotel general managers and owners are finding new ways to improve the aesthetics of their hotels, and one visual component that is increasing in popularity is the addition of live plants, appealing containers and other interior landscaping features from earth walls to living walls, which all add style, decadence and comfort.

Live plants in the reception area create a central focal point in a lobby and are also seen synonymous with luxury. Impressive indoor plants add ambiance to a room and help guests feel more at home and relaxed.

Plant Increase Revenue Per Guest

In addition to aesthetics, extensive research has shown that all plants can have numerous beneficial qualities including reducing stress, improving humidity levels, reducing background noise as well as improving employee productivity.

Because they create a relaxing mood and calm, they actually increase revenue per guest. Guests want to stay longer and return again and again, thus increasing repetitive business and increased occupancy.

The Opryland Hotel (Nashville, TN) enjoys occupancy rates of over 85% each year, which is well above a national average of 68% (Trends).

According to a scientific case study performed by Michael Evans, former associate professor of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management at the VA Polytechnic Institute, the hotel’s highest occupancy rate is due to the largest investment in indoor gardens in the country.

Currently, there are 12 acres of indoor space with approximately 18,000 indoor plants (and 600 species) valued at well over $1 million. The rooms overlooking the gardens are the first to be reserved and command a higher premium price of at least $50 over rooms that do not offer the garden.

While this is one example, various studies continue to show that live plants can improve occupancy for hotels by as much as 17%!

Interior plants are an excellent design statement and a proven long term investment.  As soon as a guest walks on premises and into the hotel lobby, live plants and foliage will surround them with beauty and provide an overall pleasing first impression.

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Fill Your Vendor List with Quality Business Partners

By Jacob Rodriguez

Hotel Lobby Plants

As a property manager, you work with many vendors from an assortment of industries with varying personality types to ensure your properties look great and remain profitable.

Working with vendors is probably not the most exciting part of your job, but they are important to your business. You need them and they need you.

So how can you save yourself the headache, disappointment, wasted time, uncomfortable conversations, and put simply ineffective working relationships?

Your vendors are not just suppliers. They are business partners that either help keep your business running smoothly or hinder your productivity and become an obstacle that slows you down.

Consider these questions when choosing a great business partner:

  • Do they care about your business and your growth?
  • Are they in it to help you provide better service and/or products to your customers, or are they in it for themselves and the money?
  • Does their product or service solve your problems? – They may have a great elevator pitch, but if they can’t truly solve the problem that you are faced with, they are not a good business partner.
  • Do your values align with theirs?  – What are their core values and do they align with yours? This is so important, and will determine whether the time you spend will be productive, valuable, and enjoyable or ineffective and painful. They don’t need to be perfectly in line, but if you believe in treating your employees well, you should do business with those that treat their employees well.
  • Are they easy to do business with?  Do they invoice the way that you want them to, and do you know who to call when you need something? Are they flexible to work with you and your processes, or do their processes create a headache for you?
  • Do you find value in what they provide?

Ultimately, your business partners should be one that saves your time, money and helps you to grow your business and achieve your purpose.

At Plant Interscapes, we love working with property managers and hotel managers that care about their environment and are always looking for innovative ways to revitalize and refresh a space. Our designers love to work with the client (unless otherwise informed) to produce a design that looks beautiful and works to benefit the environment at hand.

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Plants Benefit Business, Increase Occupancy Rates

By Jonathan Senneff

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What if I told you there is something out there that has the ability to make you happier, healthier, more productive, creative, and optimistic. In addition, it will increase your overall wellbeing while making you less susceptible to illness and depression.

Can you believe this something exists?

What if this same remedy also has a unique application in the business world with the ability to reduce absenteeism, increase tenant occupancy and retention, increase retail spending, enhance the perceived value of retail product and service offers, absorb noise and save energy, all the while improving indoor air quality.

Do want this something?

Chances are you are quite familiar with what I am describing and don’t even know it.

PLANTS. And they WORK.

The benefits are exponential. Plants are the most cost effective means to enhancing your environment’s physical appearance and occupant’s physiological state. Moreover, they have an immense impact on the chemical makeup of the air we breathe.

On average, people now spend 80-90% of their life indoors in artificial environments. This new modern lifestyle presents us with new problems within our indoor situations to consider concerning our health and wellbeing.

The study of these positive or negative effects our environment has on us is called environmental psychology, and conclusions of these studies have clearly shown that the environment in which we commonly operate have significant effects on our sense of well-being, emotion stability and stress limits.

Why or how does the natural environment have this effect on us?

We are innately connected to nature as it is the true constant in a world in which we have altered to suit our modern needs. This biophilic connection is often overlooked in our modern society and the results of ignoring our dire need to retreat to nature should be considered as a need and not a want.

Healthy indoor plants are the greenest way to ensuring a productive environment from an aesthetical and health benefit standpoint. All these associate benefits are only realized if you have indoor plants that are living and thriving. A professional interior landscaper has the tools and expertise needed to ensure you are maximizing your benefits and caring for your investment.

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Seasonscapes 2014 Holiday Installations

Enjoy some highlights and a couple lowlights of a few 2014 Christmas Holiday installations by our Seasonscapes crews over the past 8 weeks.  We are proud and thankful for the many opportunities to bring joy Christmas spirit throughout Texas!  Have a Merry Christmas and may God bless.

Hotel Lobby Plants and Their Effect on Guest Health

Hotel Valencia HolidayWhen you’re looking for ways to improve the guest experience, hotel lobby plants may not be at the top of your list. But they should be. Guests might not talk about how great the plants looked, but that’s okay. One of the best things about the benefits of hotel lobby plants is that their impact is felt in subtle ways most guests won’t even notice.

For instance, walking into a lobby full of lush, thriving plant life provides guests with an atmosphere of fresh, clean air. This can be a sharp contrast to city air that is contaminated with car exhaust, industrial pollution, and cigarette smoke. That lungful of pristine oxygen leads to feelings of relaxation and happiness. Best of all, guests have no idea what’s causing this newfound repose—they just know they started feeling great as soon as they entered your hotel.

Once you install air-cleaning hotel lobby plants, you may find that guests are spending more time in your hotel lobby. They’re watching TV, taking advantage of the WiFi, working, or enjoying a beverage while they bask in all that clean air your plants have provided. Guests may also notice how the temperature and humidity is so perfect and comfortable—without ever realizing your hotel lobby plants affected that as well.

The covert benefits of plants are their own reward. Other strategies for increasing guest spending involve more obvious benefits such as sale pricing, improved amenities, or the customer service provided by staff. However, a portion of your client base will always be skeptical of overt attempts to win their business. With plants, the impact is subtle but powerful.

In addition to providing more breathable air, plants reduce ambient noise and can provide pleasing scents without artificial chemicals. The right plants can even make a headache go away! What other amenity can promise that?

Working with a plant care specialist or reputable vendor can help you select hotel lobby plants that can provide these benefits and more—allowing you to have a positive impact on the experience and health of your guests. For further details or assistance, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.

Office Plant Care: 5 Signs You’re Doing it Wrong

Hotel Lobby PlantsEverybody loves plants around the office. They clean and purify the air and help regulate temperature and humidity, making the whole office more comfortable. But what if all the beautiful plants you buy never last? What if they’re browning, wilting, lifeless, or refusing to flower? To be a pro at office plant care, look for these five signs that your plants are unwell, then do something about it!

5 Signs of Unhealthy Plants

  1. Wilting leaves. If the leaves appear shriveled or wrinkly, a lack of adequate water may be the culprit. Proper office plant care involves reaching in and feeling the soil before adding more water. Plants will have their own requirements for how much water they need; deviating from this leads to unhappy plants.
  2. Sometimes a little browning is okay. Tropical plants will lose their bottommost leaves to browning as they grow. For other plants though, browning is a sign that it’s too hot or dry. Moving your plant to a cooler and/or darker location may help.
  3. Weak or broken stems. If a plant is touched too often or jostled too much, stems can bend or snap. This impacts the plant’s ability to utilize moisture and food. Keep your plants in an area where clients and staff won’t bother them.
  4. Root rot. You might not notice root rot until your plant tips over. Too much water can overwhelm roots, leaving them vulnerable to disintegrating. Plants with root rot can be rescued with proper office plant care: move them to a cool location, and you’ll notice improvement within a week.
  5. Won’t flower. Not all plants flower every year, but if yours haven’t flowered at all, it may be due to a lack of adequate sunlight. Try positioning your plants where they can get the light they need to flower.

Need more information? Talk to suppliers who specialize in indoor plants or office plant care. They can help you choose and maintain the best plants for your environment. Plant Interscapes is available at 1-888-284-2257.

Indoor Plant Rental: The Perfect Choice for Your Convention Center

_MG_1860Why do so many hotels, businesses, shopping malls, and other highly trafficked buildings use fountains and plants as part of their décor? Human beings are attracted to living things. It’s part of our very nature to be comforted by clean air, flowing water, and healthy plants. No matter how large or impressive a space, if there are no plants, it feels unfinished and even lifeless. With that in mind, plants are an important feature for any place humans congregate to get things done. If you’re planning an event, indoor plant rental is an excellent option.

Convention centers in particular can benefit from indoor plant rentals. If your experience with greenery is minimal, choosing plants and planters for an entire convention center might be a daunting task. Buying plants outright also means you’re stuck with them. However, indoor plant rentals allow you to change your décor for holidays, with the seasons, or for the specific needs of your clients. This kind of flexibility leads to better guest experiences for everyone—which is sure to be followed by increased business.

In addition to the added flexibility, indoor plant rentals can save money in the long run. Plant care is serious business. Unless you already excel at it, you may not know why your hanging ferns are browning or why your cacti refuse to flower. Honestly, how much extra time do you have to learn a new skill? Plant rentals, though, come with specialists who can care for any and all of your rental plants and replace them whenever you want a change.

So whether you need plants for a weekend, a wedding, or a whole season, trust the professionals to do the selection, setup, maintenance, and teardown so you’re free to focus on what you do best. For additional information about plants and services, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.

How Hotel Lobby Plants Deliver a High-Class Experience

The benefits of hotel lobby plants go far beyond mere décor. If you’re choosing hotel lobby plants based solely on appearance, you may be missing all the benefits they can provide. While visuals are important and can strongly impact any space, well-chosen plant life can also affect client spending, mood, and overall experience.

For example, when a guest enters a hotel lobby, plants provide a burst of fresh air that goes right to the brain—inducing a feeling of calm and relaxation. Never underestimate this sense of well-being provided by plants, because relaxed, happy customers are more likely to linger in the lobby and make use of amenities, or send a Tweet about how great their stay is going. That word of mouth can help any business.

Creating a Luxurious Atmosphere

However, improving your guest experience with hotel lobby plants doesn’t mean choosing random greenery and scattering it around. Carefully select the right hotel lobby plants, and you can accomplish several things at once. First, this greenery can provide fresh, clean air that impacts the client experience in a covert way. Thriving plants can send the message that your business is successful, healthy, and well managed. And tall plants like gum trees, indoor palms, or cacti can look impressive and beautiful, helping your business appear downright opulent.

On the other hand, brown or limp plants may send the opposite message—which means that plant care is every bit as important as plant selection. Selecting plants and planters, along with their regular upkeep, require careful consideration and knowledge.

Consulting the Experts

That’s why consulting professionals to help is often more cost effective than a trial-and-error approach. An indoor plant service can help you select the ideal hotel lobby plants for your space and pair them with planters that enhance your existing décor. Better still, a service can perform regular maintenance and even replace plants that aren’t looking their best. This leaves you free to do what you do best: run your business.

For further information, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.


Commercial Indoor Plants Don’t Have to Be a Hassle

advantages of indoor plantsFeeling like you don’t have the time, budget, or know-how to incorporate commercial indoor plants into your business? Plant care is part intuition and part learned skill. Learning the basics of the selection, placement, and care of commercial indoor plants can be a long journey.

Where to Begin

Start by evaluating your space. Is the temperature consistent from one room or hallway to the next? How’s the humidity? Is there enough light for the plants you’d like to grow? From the tallest trees to the most diminutive shrub, all plants have their own unique requirements regarding light, moisture, and food. Give your plant what it needs to avoid devastating consequences.

Next, you want to select just the right planter that suits the needs of your commercial indoor plants and your specific business environment. Planters come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. You want some idea of the benefits and drawbacks of each before you begin making your selections. For example, tall plants in sturdy planters thrive in doorways, lobbies, and atriums. Shorter, fuller greenery is better suited to reception areas, waiting rooms, or tall shelves so there’s no danger of them being knocked over or mishandled.

Get Help When You Need It

If that already sounds like too much work, never fear. You can still have a great selection of commercial indoor plants. After all, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Running a business is already a lot of work, and your mind is most likely on pressing matters. Hiring a commercial indoor plants service can provide you with all the benefits of lush, thriving greenery without all the hassle.

The right plant service can help you select ideal plants and planters that work with your environment while amplifying your existing design concept. They’ll take care of all the maintenance of the plants, including replacing any that aren’t doing well so your greenery always looks fresh and healthy.

Commercial indoor plants are well within your reach when you let the plant care specialists at Plant Interscapes help. For further information, contact 1-888-284-2257.