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DALLAS, TX—Plant Interscapes, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Corporate Green Interior Foliage, an interior horticultural services company based in Dallas Texas and operating in the DFW Metroplex for the past 31 years.  Corporate Green was founded in 1985 by Betsy Bates, “I started Corporate Green, Inc. with a water bucket, scissors, feather duster, and a ton of ambition. In a few years my goal was to be the best in the business, providing clients with extraordinary service and to develop a team of plant professionals that had similar vision. That goal has been met and has been most rewarding.”

Corporate Green has been peer-recognized within the interiorscape industry as an award winning horticultural services provider with talent and values aligned with Plant Interscapes’ purpose–to improve life and business by enhancing environments.  Plant Interscapes has long been aware of the success and high-standing Corporate Green maintains within the industry and is proud to integrate Corporate Green’s employees and welcome their client base to their organization.

Mrs. Bates continued, “I have known Plant Interscapes’ owner, Mike Senneff, for more than 20 years.  We share many professional similarities—we both have degrees in horticulture, started our companies from scratch and have created organizations focused on professional customer service. We have both given back to our industry serving on industry boards and associations together.”

The combination of the two companies will increase the value Plant Interscapes delivers to customers and its market share in the Dallas area. Ultimately, this will pave the way for continued growth and expansion aligned with its strategic initiatives. Plant Interscapes’ CEO, Mike Senneff states, “The acquisition of  Corporate Green provides an increased presence for Plant Interscapes in the fast growing Dallas market.  The additional business allows us to create greater value to our customers and growth opportunities for all our team members.”  Corporate Green reported $2.9MM in sales revenue in 2015 and will integrate 25 full-time employees.

About Plant Interscapes
In business for over 33 years, Plant Interscapes has earned a reputation as an innovator and leader in the interior plantscape industry.  The company has experienced continuous growth by providing quality results with a strong commitment to customer service. They are responsible for the care and maintenance of over 2500 commercial interior environments each week while operating in all major Texas markets with annual revenues over $14MM.  Plant Interscapes derives 60% of its revenue from interior landscaping, 30% from holiday decor installations and 10% from wholesale and special events activities, and employs over 100 full time employees and 50 seasonal employees.


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Vegas says fake trees are extreme fire hazards

Tests show fake palm trees can burn 10 times more intensely than an actual tree so Clark County is urging properties to remove or test all artificial foliage.

Fake Palms Fuel Fire

Associated Press

LAS VEGAS — The Cosmopolitan hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip says it’s removing all artificial foliage outdoors, as a county investigation reveals that the fake palm trees involved in a July fire can burn 10 times more intensely than an actual tree.

Ron Lynn, director of Clark County’s department of building and fire prevention, said Friday that an independent analysis shows the plastic fronds burned 10 times faster and hotter than an actual southern pine tree without needles. The artificial trunk made of metal, polyurethane foam and fiberglass resin on the tree decoration burned five times more intensely.

The Cosmopolitan, which won’t face any penalties, said it has already removed about half of the fake trees and will be rid of all of them by early next year. They will be replaced with live foliage.

“Clearly, this identified an issue that had not been recognized and they are taking steps,” Lynn said of the hotel-casino.

The test was commissioned by the county with the cost billed to the Cosmopolitan. It was conducted in November using samples of the fake palm trees that caught fire, although it did not account for environmental factors such as wind and humidity.

The results show the tree materials don’t meet flame and smoke resistance standards for indoor uses and wouldn’t be allowed inside buildings or as an exterior component on a building.

But the national building and fire codes adopted by the county don’t apply the same rules to outdoor landscaping and decorative foliage. Lynn said no policy changes are being recommended because it would be difficult to regulate, identify or standardize such adornments, and could cause an undue burden to the businesses. The county also said the current fire and building codes were sufficient enough to keep the fire from spreading beyond the pool’s deck where it started.

Instead, the county is now urging resort properties to remove or test any such decorations on their sites. Lynn said the county has taken a cursory look at other buildings and didn’t immediately identify the same materials being used elsewhere.

The July 25 fire started in a landscaped area by the pool, ripping through the hotel’s 14th floor deck and causing $2 million in damage. The blaze on a sunny Saturday also sent guests running and plumes of black smoke billowing from the scene. One person was treated at the hotel for inhaling smoke and another was taken to the hospital for the same reason.

The fire department responded with about 100 personnel including several chiefs, 13 engines, four trucks and other vehicles, dousing the fire in about 30 minutes.

The fake palm trees and high winds fueled the fire, but officials in August said they couldn’t actually determine what started it. Cigarette butts found on the pool deck couldn’t be proven as the igniter and an electrical problem was ruled out.

The Las Vegas area has prided itself on intense firefighting and stringent building codes since a 1980 fire at the original MGM Grand hotel killed 87 people.

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Commercial Holiday Decorations for Hotel Lobby

Let Your Lobby Do the Welcoming for You

A hotel lobby is an important part of a commercial building, and therefore requires maximum attention especially when it comes to the decorations and arrangements.

It is the first thing customers see, so giving them that positive and welcoming feeling is crucial for a long-lasting impression.

The lobby should be a place where a customer can relax while seated and even read a few materials while waiting to be served.

So what is required to make a great lobby in terms of decorations?

Hire a professional to do interior plant service

Using a trained professional for enhancement of the interior and exterior image of the premises is important as you are assured of quality work.

Professionals are aware of what themes are required at the lobby to bring out the right feeling especially during seasonal holidays like Christmas.

What makes a great lobby?

A commercial lobby requires comfortable seats that are easy to clean, and with interesting color and pattern.You can choose wicker chairs or couches that will add to the comfort and compliment them with a magazine rack that has the right reading materials especially those related to your business. With these, the customers will feel comfortable while waiting to be attended.

During the holidays, add beautiful centerpieces to your tables and hang garland and wreaths around the lobby. 

Ensure that the walls are decorated with the right commercial holiday decorations that not only brings out the positive image of the business, but also keeps the atmosphere at the lobby more serene. Good combinations of the colors and patterns are crucial to match the present furniture, lighting and those colors associated with your business to bring the warm welcome to every visitor.

Depending on the size, place a beautiful central Christmas tree and add poinsettias around the lobby. Add other complimentary plants with pleasant scents. Consider your environment as well, including lighting and temperature.

Maintaining a great look that is welcoming to the visitors means that you value how you treat the customers. This means that they will appreciate the first impression that is created by the entrance look serves as a great aspect of maintaining customers who enjoy the appearance of your restaurant. They will be happy even to introduce their friends to the place they adore most just by its appearance.

Office Holiday Decorating Ideas

The holidays are a special time of year that encourage kindness with thoughts of sharing and giving. It’s a great time to decorate your office and share the holiday season with fellow workers that you see each day throughout the year.

Take a look at three office holiday decorating ideas that are sure to create holiday spirit.

Create a Holiday Theme

To give your office a more uniform look during the holidays, create a holiday theme so decorations don’t get too crazy.

Whether you choose a traditional theme with garlands, wreaths and tinsel or a humorous theme with the Grinch and funny elves, themed decorations will keep the office environment more organized.

Come up with 5 to 10 themes that everyone likes, drop them in a hat, then draw one. Once you’ve chosen the general theme, have each office worker contribute some type of decorations. There are many holiday theme ideas, so this is an easy approach to office holiday decorating.

Deck the Cubicles

Many office environments are made up of cubicles that create a private work station for each employee. They create a maze with pathways that lead around the office, but it’s usually difficult to see into each cubicle. Decorating the outside of the cubicles is the best way to create holiday decorations that the entire office can enjoy.

Each employee can decorate their own cubicle with a handmade wreath, garland, ornaments, ribbons and bows, a string of lights, or holiday wrapping paper. If they want, they can also decorate the inside of their cubicle with a small decorated tree or plant and personal holiday decorations.

Decorate the Lobby

If your building has a lobby, this is the perfect place for large and elaborate holiday decorations. If appropriate, start with a large tree that can be filled with beautiful decorations like glass or colorful ornaments, luxurious velvet ribbons, gold or silver garland, and flickering lights.

Have employees bring fake presents, wrapped empty boxes, for underneath the tree.

If there’s room, line the entrance to the building with pots of poinsettias and artificial snow.

What a great way to boost curb appeal and company morale!

According to Forbes and Inc. Magazine, employees who feel a personal connection to their workplace are happier and more productive.

Decorating the office for the holidays creates a homelike environment that’s welcoming and comfortable where employees feel a sense of personal attachment and enjoyment.

Top Office Holiday Decorating Ideas

Decorations for domestic homes and those for corporate offices are similar especially during the festive seasons. However, for corporate offices, it requires a little more thought because the decorations should match the firm’s brand as well as bringing up the festive mood. You must bring out the connotations of your brand when decorating the premises.

Trees and Plants

These are the commonly used displays for holidays and their placements depend on the space available. Larger trees are used for the reception or the lobby areas to create that first impression for the visitors. If you do not have time to decorate the tree, always consider buying a pre-fluffed tree, fully decorated that will be delivered to your premises.

Red and green poinsettias, though nowadays come in different color combinations, are also common additions that bring great expression just like the tree. It is good to have a professional transport the plants on your behalf as they require extra care due to their susceptibility to cold.

Lighting and scenting

These are the ones that make the holidays alive and their use have evolved over the recent years tremendously. Use of LED lights is now popular as they are more durable and energy efficient. You can add the different combinations of colors on the staircases, escalators, ceilings, on different parts of the walls and the Christmas tree.

Scenting is more to decorations and can be achieved by making mulled wine and buying pine-cones. Appropriate scents like a scent of pine trees to the artificial Christmas tree will make the customers or the employees feel at the right place during the festive season.

Bows, swags and ornaments

To improve the look on the walls, ceilings and the Christmas trees, you can add some decorations. Choose simple color schemes. Place bows, baubles, ornaments and other ornaments on the tree making various shapes to make the look match the brand of your company.

It is believed that 19.2% of annual sales in the U.S. are reflected during the holidays. Embracing the occasion together with the employees by ensuring that you bring the brand and the theme of the occasion clearly means that you are likely to reap the best from the customers. In addition, the employees will feel appreciated and this will translate to increased production.

Best Indoor Office Plants

Greenery in the office environment has a measurable impact on employee satisfaction, health, and office culture.

When plants are introduced into the office, expect to see decreased stress in employees and increased productivity, according to a study by Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University. During the experiment, subjects showed significant recovery from stress within 5 minutes when exposed to plant life, and a 12% increase in productivity.

Don’t dismiss the anesthetics of indoor office plants either. Gallup polls indicate two-thirds of Americans enjoy gardening as a hobby.

When retaining top employees is important, studies by Dr. Ulrich of Oxford University show that plants for the office have a measurable positive effect on employee satisfaction and disposition.

When selecting indoor office plants, consider the care the plant requires.

The best office plants are attractive, low maintenance and take advantage of underutilized space.

Spider Plants

Spider plants are ubiquitous plants for the office for good reason. They’re attractive and fun with spiderettes that hang down from the mother plant. They can suffer the occasional neglect of a long weekend or forgotten watering and prefer cooler temperatures common in environmentally controlled offices making their care manageable for beginner indoor gardeners.

Peace Lily

Peace lily plants are one of the best office plants thanks to their tolerance for low light and their ease of care. They reduce air pollutants and are enthusiastic growers that are easy to repot so one plant can over time add additional indoor office plants, or given to employees to take home. Indoor office plants such as the peace lily can be used as natural decoration and when clumped together create a focal point in the office regardless of the availability of light.

English Ivy

In offices with limited space, a climbing plant for the office may be the right choice, such as English ivy. Employees can get creative guiding the ivy up structures or down from hanging plants. Because of its creeping nature, it can make an interior space feel like the outdoors. While ivy also prefers to be more dry than watered, it does require once a month fertilization and occasional dusting of its leaves.

Indoor office plant improve office environments, reduce stress with minimal exposure for both employees and clients, increase employee focus and productivity, as well as improving employee satisfaction and retention. The best office plants improve anesthetics and require minimal care.

Benefits of Interior Plant Service

The health and wellness benefits of adding natural greenery to your office are just too important to ignore, but now you are faced with the decision of which plants to choose and where to place them to get utility and an attractive display.

There are a lot of variables to consider such as plant height and width, climate, and how often a plant needs care. A professional interior plant service is the answer these problems. With an interior plant service you can buy or lease your plants, and they design the plantscape to fit your office layout.

Design and Productivity

Experienced designers work with you to produce an anesthetically pleasing layout that compliments your work space, and they find the best locations to place your greenery to increase productivity and the serenity of your employees.

Dr. Leonard Perry in his Plants at Work study stated that even a plant on a desk improves an employee’s performance, but by hiring an interior plant service gives you the perfect balance of green space to work space.

Plants and Care

Which plants work best in your work environment? A professional service understands your lighting and humidity levels, and they will offer you the best solution with the least care.

Plant size is important, and a schedule of rotation keeps your greens looking fresh and healthy.

A professional service has the plants available to offer you a wide and healthy selection of plants throughout the year, and they can work within a budget that works for you.

Dr. Perry mentions the positive effect of plants on the office environment, and reinforces the idea that a well maintained and designed plantscape is cheaper than other office design options.

The well thought out placement of greenery lends a welcoming, upscale and relaxed ambiance to an office. Using an interior plant service relieves the stress of caring for your investment, and at a cost that is as pleasing as the plants they bring to you.

Best Office Plants for a Cold Office

Few things make an office feel more like a home than a healthy plant giving off an enticing aroma.

Unfortunately, many plants for the office fare poorly due to cold temperatures, poor lighting, and a general lack of care – especially when left alone for weekends and holidays with no water.

Thankfully, there some plants can flourish under such circumstances, survive on less water, and brighten the office environment for all.

Here are some of the best office plants for cold office rooms that won’t require a lot of time, effort, or maintenance and still look great.

Cast Iron Plant

It has a simple name that suggests hardiness and durability, and that’s exactly what you get with the Cast Iron Plant, whose scientific name is Aspidistra elatior. The green, leafy plant tolerates poor growing conditions, including cool temperatures, poor lighting, and a general lack of water, and still looks good. It’s long, wide, flat leaves grow about a foot in length with an elegant bend near the top as the weight of each leaf causes it to bend. Noted for tough, leather-like foliage, the plant was a favorite in royal chambers and is one of the best office plants you could choose.


Dark green leaves and vibrant red flowers that bloom all year make begonias among the best plants for the office. Although known as an outdoor plant, their waxy leaves come in many varieties, and its red flowers continuously will bloom throughout the year. The plant can tolerate temperature variations but doesn’t grow well in very hot or very cold weather, which makes them ideal indoor plants for the office. Begonias grow best indoors when you place them near a window, where they can soak in even more of the sun’s nutritional rays.

Norfolk Island Pine

If you enjoy larger plants and the scent of pine, the Norfolk Island Pine is one of the best office plants that grow larger and provide a pleasant outdoor aroma while indoors. The Norfolk Island Pine is more fern-like than the pine trees you typically might envision, and it does not dry out and shed needles, like a traditional pine would. The plant should be kept near windows to get as much natural light as possible and rotated weekly to keep it from leaning toward the light. The Norfolk Island Pine will withstand cold temperatures and thrive inside your office all year.

Best Office Plants for the Fall Season

The Importance of Office Plants

One surefire way for you to avoid a tired, dreary office, which often leads to tired, dreary workers and a decrease in productivity, is to decorate your office with plants. You have a lot of responsibility already as an office manager, so you’re probably not interested in being a full time gardener, but there are some beautiful, low maintenance plants out there that would be perfectly at home in your office, even during the Fall.

The Best Office Plants for the Fall

Flowering Maple

The flowering maple blooms with muted shades of white, yellow, pink, orange and red, perfect for adding a bit of color to your office in the Fall without overdoing it. This plant is an evergreen which requires minimal light. A south facing window is best for this plant.

Ficus Elastica

The ficus elastica, also known as the rubber fig, is a wonderful plant for your office. The ficus has broad, glossy leaves with several varieties offering different colors, such as red and black. This plant does fine with minimal light and watering and is tolerant of a variety of temperatures, but any drastic changes in temperature or light levels can be detrimental. It does well with peat, bark and coarse sand for potting soil.

Gold Capella

The gold capella, as its name suggests, is a gorgeous plant with dark green and gold leaves. It’s also an easy plant to grow, and requires minimal care in the right environment. This plant prefers indirect light, preferably by a west facing curtained window. It’s very drought tolerant and disease resistant, but for optimal growth regular watering is recommended. You should never leave this plant in water, as it can quickly become over saturated.

In conclusion, these plants are all good plants for the office in the Fall, with minimal care and sunlight required, but keep in mind plants are living things and they will require some basic oversight on your part. For more information on office plants and plant care get in touch with the specialists at Plant Interscapes.


Commercial Holiday Decor Ideas and Tips

Tips for Stunning Commercial Christmas Decorations

The Christmas mood is nearing and there is need for all premises to depict the appearance of a holiday festive season. Christmas is a great opportunity to enhance your commercial environment and attract more business.

This is the age of commercial Christmas decorations and many commercial businesses are busy working hard to ensure that their space attracts more customers during this holiday.

In addition, employees and subordinates will appreciate the feeling that the company embraces this occasion when they find the offices well decorated with different colors.

Other holiday decorating ideas relate to the decoration of the stages in the restaurants or night clubs that will gain you more clients and customers.

Christmas tree, wreaths and garlands

This is an essential part of the decorations that comes in different sizes, and you can choose the one you desire depending on the appropriate scale.

Modern trees come in different colors, not necessarily green as it used to be. The choice is yours as long as it complements the look of that environment, as well as other decor types.

For instance, an office which may not have enough space can be installed with a 7-8 feet tree but a hotel lobby with large space can accommodate even a 20 feet tree. The tree may come with extra decorations in terms of lighting but you are at liberty to add your own taste of colors of lights, trinkets or baubles. You can complement the interior look with wreaths and garland silhouettes that will convey the customized holiday message.

Outdoor Attractions

Before potential customers and tenants appreciate the decorations inside the premises, they will certainly be attracted by the scenes created outside the premises brought by the exterior Christmas holiday decor. On the compound, you can erect several trees, beautifully decorated. If the premises is away from the main gate, ensure that the streets are well lit.

These lights should add to the attractions especially at night, perfect for those on holiday who wish to enjoy skyline decorations. Banners and lamp shades are great additions to add to the great scenes along the streets.