Artificial Indoor Plants

Preserved Washingtonia Robusta Palm Mandalay BayPlant Interscapes is a leading provider of incredibly authentic artificial indoor plants, trees and preserved palms. Almost indistinguishable from live foliage, our products offer unmatched realism.

Often, artificial indoor plants provide the most economical long-term solution to many interior and exterior site challenges where live alternatives aren’t feasible. And, there are several advantages of replica over “live”. Live trees require special lighting, special irrigation, and special drainage. While we often provide for these conditions, occasional site limitations and costs dictate an alternative. With the exception of a periodic cleaning, our preserved trees require no ongoing maintenance – and remain beautiful by staying in the same preserved state.

Artificial solutions include preserved palm trees, replica trees, oriental bamboo, tropical foliage, ivy and much more. They are available fire retarded, UV protected, water resistant and weather tolerant. Following are several available products. Don’t see quite what you’re looking for? Just inquire. Chances are, we can get it!