Holiday Decorating Ideas to Attract More People to Malls

holiday decorating ideas for malls

By Brenda Morgan

Malls continue to remain a social shopping experience for young females. In the past several years, shopping malls have taken a big blow because of the increase in Internet shopping, resulting in 40% vacancies or higher across the country.

The good news is when it comes to the holiday season, shoppers, especially young females, still flock the malls.

As a matter of fact, almost 65% in a survey done by Teen Vogue said they would do the majority of their holiday shopping in-store compared with 35% who said they would shop mostly online.

The main reason: Young women want to see and feel the products they are purchasing and they like a place to hang out with friends and family.

There is a larger experience that these young women get by going to the mall – the food court, entertainment and all of the bells and whistles that make holiday shopping cheery and delightful. They look forward to their holiday shopping trips because they like to look at the holiday decorations — the trees, wreaths, lights, special elements and even Santa!

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They love music playing and many times that music will be playing to a light show by a fully decorated holiday tree.

They have holiday shopping bags with snowflakes, listen to bands playing holiday music and engage in special holiday activities the malls have planned.

What is most important is they get to buy the experience of celebrating winter coziness and feeling of affinity for loved ones during what some dream the most wonderful time of the year.

Retailers are investing more time and thought into creating holiday experiences to draw more people into their malls. This is done by utilizing the talent of specially trained commercial holiday décor designers to help create the best theme that will draw upon that market segment.

Holiday décor is what attracts people to a shopping center and many malls and centers are looking for a display that people will remember and talk about.  This continues to become more important as shopping centers face heightened competition for holiday shoppers from other centers, catalogs and internet.

MG9C9044 Mall Holiday Decor - holiday decorating ideas for malls

The holiday décor your select is proven to affect both traffic and sales.

One of the most tangible ways to track consumer response to a center’s seasonal décor is through the volume of photo sales in the Santa shop. Centers that introduce a new décor after a few years with the same decorations often see an increase in their Santa visits by as much as 17% -25%.

Exterior options for seasonal décor play as big a role as interior. Because many centers don’t have the same common area space, they utilize just about every option, such as rooftops, light poles, marquee signs, banner signs, main entry elements, animation, oversized décor as well as music.

So as you are looking into your holiday décor, let us help you design a program that is the magic for the kids and the sophistication for the adults to put them in the holiday mood. Get holiday decorating ideas in this free guide!

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4 Trends in Interior Plant Service

By Caitlin Doyle

If you flip through any design magazine today you will surely notice a new greener trend — PLANTS!

If you’re looking to add this trendy design element to your space, here are a few tips on how to incorporate these top trending interiorscape elements into your own space.

Green Living Walls

benefits of green living walls

Green living walls have become a major trend in the last year, and we expect to see even more of them, especially in corporate settings. A green wall is not only beautiful but will also reduce noise, purify the air and can help reduce your energy costs!

Read more about the benefits of green living walls

You will see that green living walls are popping up in hotels, restaurants, retail spaces and corporate offices because they are a relatively inexpensive and make a major impact.

Learn about the benefits of interior plants in hospitality

Green living walls range in shape and size from a small plant portrait to whole walls.


top trends in interior plant service

On the tables, in the windowsills or terrariums, succulents are everywhere. The luscious plants are nothing new, but their prevalence seems to be on trend in mass plantings, floral arrangements or just hanging out by themselves in a cool container.

Succulents come in a large variety of shapes, colors and textures. Use these in your space by mixing a variety of these trendy plants. They can be used in rustic and modern locations alike. You will see succulents hanging out in everything from sleek modern planters to rustic pottery or metal containers.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

One of the most recent trends in Interiorscapes is the use of monochromatic containers.  You will see this trend used in a modern office or boutique hotel.

A white container against a white wall allows the plants to speak for themselves and brings more attention to the form of the container instead of the color, but white is not the only color this works for. We are also seeing the use of black, grey and rich golden browns.

This trend pairs best with unique plant varieties. Think unique textures and forms, such as the large leaf of a Ficus Lyrata or the interesting trunk of the Open Weave Marginata.

Repetition of Plant Variety

top trends in interior plant service

Repetition may not sound like a very interesting design trend, but it creates a very dramatic statement when done correctly.  When used in mass, the same variety of plant creates a cohesive modern design. This can be accomplished by utilizing the same variety in multiple containers throughout your space or you can also get the same effect by repeating the same plant in just a single planter.

For an ultra-modern look, use different varieties of Sansevieria.  Sansevieria are low maintenance plants that can also handle very low light. This type of design is typically used for in spaces very modern and high-end spaces.

the benefits of green living walls_vertical garden systems

Introduction: Benefits of LED Lighting

In an effort to help office managers, property managers, and hotel managers prepare for the holidays, we are doing a series on the benefits of LED lighting. Download this free LED Christmas Lights whitepaper, which features the entire series.

benefits of led lighting

To be an effective manager, you know how important it is to plan ahead so you can make efficient decisions on behalf of your workplace, benefiting your customers and employees.

Now is the time to prepare for the holidays and start gathering holiday decorating ideas for your workplace. This will ensure you enhance your environment and wow your customers, all while being cost-effective.

Holiday lighting is a popular way to make an impact this holiday season, but the mere thought of digging the ole Christmas lights out of the garage and preparing them for their important yet seasonally temporary appearance causes the most jolly of us to turn into Grinch or Scrooge!

If you’re like me, it’s because no matter how many light sets you untangled, bulbs replaced, wires spliced or fuses swapped last season, you know you will be lucky if half of them want to light up without some serious tinkering.

Tinker no more—technology has afforded us some holiday cheer in the form of the LED Christmas Lights!

Commercial holiday decorators have been well informed of the numerous benefits LED light sets provide and the demand from the general consumer is starting to gain popularity as more people are realizing their many benefits.

When LED christmas lights first hit the market they were met with some valid resistance–namely the cool white (or should we say blue) hue of the white LED lamp. The fact is this ‘pure’ white is actually more true to the color white than what consumers wanted.

Enter the Warm White LED. LED technology has come a long way in recent years and manufacturers are now able to duplicate the warm glow of an incandescent filament with a light emitting diode.

benefits of led lighting

LED Christmas lights consume far less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs, but the benefits don’t stop there.

We all know that LED bulbs can save you money on your electric bill by using less energy but the question still remains, do the long-term savings justify the upfront cost of LED light sets?

The answer is a resounding YES! The long-term cost savings of LED bulbs over their incandescent counterparts can be realized for two key reasons that make LED light sets outshine all others—energy consumption and rated lamp life.

benefits of led lighting - christmas lighting - holiday decorating ideas

Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Workplace

holiday decorating ideas for the workplace

Decking the halls for the holidays in an office or workplace can be a challenging task. It’s a time of year when people from different backgrounds come together to celebrate for various reasons. And decorating for the holidays can seem expensive and unnecessary.

But in the end, it is a time to celebrate, and it’s a great way to show your employees appreciation by making your workplace festive. In addition, you can really enhance your environment with the right holiday décor, attracting new business.

It’s easy to overdo festive decor with DIY sparkly glitz that may be tacky and not pleasing for your customers and employees.

Here are a few professional holiday decorating ideas for creating a pleasant and cheerful holiday atmosphere.

Lighten things up. This is one holiday office decorating idea that you won’t want to skip. Lighting in any space can change the mood and lift spirits. Stringing up some twinkly white or colored lights is the perfect way to add cheer and offer a brighter feeling throughout the work day. Avoiding blinking lights is best to keep from causing any unnecessary distractions. Making sure that electric lights are plugged safely and cords are kept out of the way will keep your holiday office decorating safe and accident free.

holiday decorating ideas

Bring some nature inside. One thing that is guaranteed to instantly create a festive feeling is the look and smell of fresh pine. Beautiful touches from the outdoors of fresh pine garlands, wreaths, small potted pine trees, poinsettias, and holly are a wonderful way for you to bring the simple joy of nature to the office. This is a real treat for the senses!

Colors matter. Choosing the right colors when dazzling up the office can be a tricky thing. Deciding what type of look you are going for is the first step. Sometimes it’s safer to choose lovely neutrals such as gold, silver, and white to keep the decor from becoming too bright and distracting, but if you and your employees enjoy the colorful touches then go for it! A few colored balls or ornaments can be a fun touch.

Don’t forget the goodies. These are a few holiday office decorating ideas that employees will surely appreciate. Tasty treats are a holiday favorite. A bowl or two filled with special candies sitting around the office will be welcomed by most. A basket of fresh fruits like apples, oranges, and pears would also be a nice, healthy treat option. These special goodies are not only pleasant to the palate, but also visually appealing.

These holiday decorating ideas are sure to assist you in creating festive cheer at your workplace.

Get more holiday decorating ideas in our 2015 Design Collections Book. Find unique ideas and trends that will spark your imagination.

Seasonscapes 2015 Design Collections Book | Holiday Decorating Ideas

Benefits of Live Plants for Hospitality Industry

benefits of live plants in hotels

Managers in Hospitality Industry

Hospitality managers of large hotels and resorts are familiar with the fact that their personnel’s happiness and quality of life directly impact the quality of that person’s work performance.

To further demonstrate the viability of a person’s disposition and happiness attuned to their surrounding environment, it is noted that not only are workers and volunteers affected by their work area, so are the guests and visitors who visit the hotel or resort for business or leisure activities.

These are of even more importance to managers, because the happiness and well-being of paying guests translates into repeat business.

People spend most of their lifetime indoors in enclosures of man-made furnishings, equipment and utensils.

Environmental Psychology studies research involving the human body, mind and spirit in direct alignment with surroundings.  The environment in which we operate has significant impact on well-being, emotional stability, and either builds or destroys stress limits.

Live Plants Aren’t Just Window Dressing

interior plant service - benefits of live plants

Lush treatments of healthy plants in office areas, hallways and lobbies are attractive simply for their aesthetic appeal but natural plants provide tangible benefits.

Shrewd managers within the hospitality businesses, hotels, and restaurants know benefits of live plants for their environment reaps benefits in atmosphere and the financial bottom line.

Efficiency experts have stressed calming work environments for decades by using calming colors and live foliage and plant arrangements.

World leaders and celebrities with stressful schedules nurture benefits of live plants plants into their surroundings, as Princess Diana of the UK spoke about her incorporating plants, live arrangements and aromatherapy benefits for her stress.

Benefits of Interior Plant Service

Learning how to keep live plants attractive, alive and thriving can be a formidable task in large environments understanding benefits of live plants. Consequently, interior plant service from a professional horticulture specialist is essential both for choosing the right indoor plants and to successfully maintain them.

  • Maintenance taken care of
  • Increased productivity of workers
  • Improved well-being and reduced sickness of personnel
  • Fewer mistakes on the job
  • Personnel and visitors alike enjoyed therapeutic value
  • Increased revenue per guest in hotel management
  • Improved occupancy of hotel, restaurant or resort
  • Green LEED standards attractively met

Plant Interscapes combines the expertise in growing and nurturing live plants with the equally important skill of being prescient in caring for each plant.  Contact us today to discuss how they can help elevate your working environment into success with live plants.

the benefits of green living walls_vertical garden systems