JW Marriott Illuminated Holiday Light Show

JW Marriott Animated Holiday Light Show

Plant Interscapes, the JW Marriott, Holiday Technologies & Light-O-Rama are proud to introduce this sneak-peak of the 2013 Animated Holiday Light Show!

Plant Rentals Can Spruce Up Any Office

The benefits of having fresh greenery in a business or office setting are well documented. The right plants can cut down on sickness and lead to an increase in focus, resulting in a larger and better work output. Plants filter the air, smell nice, and contribute to a calm and productive atmosphere. They also impress clients, making a great impact in overt and covert ways. With that in mind, it seems like every business can benefit from the addition of plants to the environment. But if you’re not good with plants or don’t have time for them, you may feel none of this will help you. That’s when plant rentals can save the day.


Renting plants might seem like an unusual business practice. The truth is, more and more businesses are using plant service vendors to install and maintain indoor and outdoor plants and even vertical gardens. Short-term plant rentals may also be used for business events, parties, conventions, and important client meetings—in fact, any special function or gathering.


How it Works

The process begins by selecting plants and planters that meet your needs and suit your existing décor. A plant care specialist may come in and evaluate your space to ensure that the lighting and temperature will be appropriate for the plants you select. Once plants and planters are installed, a specialist will return periodically to inspect and maintain your greenery. Then when it’s time to make a change—seasonally or whenever you have the urge—the specialist will come back with fresh new plants that provide a whole new look. Some packages may even include lighting, floral arrangements, impressive displays, and more.


How to Get Started

The best way to get started is to find a qualified supplier in your area with solid testimonials and a superior business reputation. They should guarantee their work and have an excellent selection.


Plant rentals allow you to reap all the benefits of indoor and outdoor greenery in your business without having to develop your own green thumb. Look to indoor trees, orchids, or simple spider plants—the possibilities are myriad. For more information, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.

Let Your Spirit Shine with Commercial Holiday Décor

For many businesses, the approach of the holidays means gearing up for the busiest time of year. There’s so much to do. There may be special promotions running and decorations to put in place, and everyone is a bit distracted by the preparations and planning that make the holiday season great. If this sounds like your business, there are options for commercial holiday décor that yield beautiful and effective results while being easy to manage.



Of course, the challenge of commercial holiday décor is to create appealing displays and accents that work with the existing office theme. Holiday decorations should be festive and interesting but should not involve extensive installations that might interrupt regular workflow. In addition, cost effectiveness is important. Plants, wreaths, and trees make for lovely commercial holiday décor, but what are you supposed to do with them after the season? Throwing a tree on the rubbish pile seems wasteful. Most businesses don’t want to spend money on décor that will end up in the trash in a few short weeks. So what’s the solution?



Rentals for plants, trees, wreaths, lights, and other holiday adornments are becoming increasingly popular with businesses seeking affordable and dynamic commercial holiday décor. Imagine a small team coming in to set up your tree, lights, garland and other holiday accouterments to your exact specifications. Better still, that team returns after the holiday and takes everything away—all included in one base price.


Turnkey Commercial Holiday Décor Packages

A festive holiday display makes for delighted customers and effective branding that stays with clients all year long. Whether your business is large or small, there’s sure to be a package that meets your needs perfectly. So take a load off, and let the décor professionals make your business look bright for the holidays! To learn more, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.

Creating an Impact with the Right Office Planters

Whether it’s choosing flooring, wall coverings, or window treatments, creating an atmosphere is vital to any successful business. And when it’s time to add greenery to the scene, the plant containers you select are as important as the plants themselves. This is because planters not only impact the health and appearance of plants, they affect their surroundings, too. Since choosing the right office planters can be tricky, it helps to follow some guidelines.


Choosing Materials

First, consider the materials. Planters can be ceramic, fiberglass, metal, plastic, or wood. It’s also now possible for office planters to be made of glass fiber reinforced with concrete. Keep in mind that every material has its own benefits and caveats. Ceramic or terra cotta pots help control moisture but are heavy and easily broken. Wood is the most natural, but it can be prone to rotting, and metal planters are strong and non-porous, yet they can sometimes react with soil or chemicals, which can cause myriad problems. Take into account your plants as well as their environment when choosing materials for your office planters.


Seeking Advice

When selecting plant containers, it’s also helpful sometimes to seek advice from professionals. This may be the same vendor that supplies your plants, or even a design consultant if you have one. The office planters you choose should fit the dynamic of your décor, enhancing the mood you’ve already cultivated. There are also practical and functional considerations, like floor planters versus those that could be accidentally knocked off a desk or counter.


Reaping the Benefits

Once you’ve determined the types of office planters to use, you can choose details such as sizes, styles, and colors. That’s almost as fun as selecting the plants! When you’re finished, all that’s left is to sit back and reap the benefits of your greenery sitting in their perfect office planters.


For more information on planters or related services, contact Plant Interscapes today at 1-888-284-2257.


Types of Plants That Thrive in a Vertical Garden System

Vertical garden systems are becoming enormously popular everywhere you look. They’re outdoors, in apartments, at businesses, and all over big cities. Plenty of reasons exist for starting them, too. You can grow a vertical garden system just for decoration, or you can use it for fruit, veggies, and herbs, especially vital to urban farmers and apartment dwellers. Either way, it’s a wonderful option for growing beautiful, air-cleaning greenery while using a limited amount of space.


To get started, you should first choose plants that are known to thrive in a vertical growing environment. For example, succulents are a smart choice for anyone new to gardening because they are hardy, attractive, and easy to care for if the climate is right. They’re also well suited for a vertical garden system because their roots are fairly shallow. This means that smaller pockets can be used, conserving water and keeping the weight of the structure down.


However, if indoor air purification is your goal, go for ivy or spider plants that grow up and out. These will create a sprawling lushness to your upright garden while removing toxins emitted from furniture, carpets, and cleaning chemicals into the air you breathe. Also, if you’re a fan of flowers, consider pansies. They can add a hint of color—including red, white, orange, pink, blue, yellow, and purple—anywhere in your vertical garden system.


For an edible vertical garden system, you’ll want to ensure that all of your materials (pockets, holders, shelving, and the entire irrigation system) are non-reactive and non-toxic. Once this is confirmed, you can grow herbs, garlic or garlic scapes, cucumbers, cherry or Roma tomatoes (the larger varieties can get heavy), lettuces, or strawberries. If you’re growing berries outside, you may want to consider a bit of chicken wire for covering to protect them from birds.


Now that you know a few basics, it’s time to consider setting up your own vertical garden system, or better yet, let the professionals help. For more information, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257.