Corpus Christi Branch Helps to Clean Up Vacant Storefronts

Our Corpus Christi branch is Helping the Downtown Management District Cleaning Up Vacant Storefronts



The Downtown Management District has begun something they are calling storefront activations. Essentially, they are cleaning up vacant storefronts at no cost to the owners of the vacant properties.

The project pairs the property owners with businesses, groups, schools and organizations wishing to display merchandise or art to promote events and activities. The former Honey Bee Hams storefront in the 600 block of Chaparral Street was the first to get a makeover.

“This is really exciting,” said Lori Willie of the Downtown Management District. “All we wanted to do was a little clean up, and it’s catching on really quickly.”

As construction on Chaparral Street edges toward completion, they hope to reach out to more property owners and dress up their windows to make downtown more attractive. South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

What Kind of Maintenance do Interior Plants Need?

interior plants

Have you ever bought interior plants only to watch them slowly wither and die before your eyes? It can be heartbreaking, especially if you aren’t even sure what went wrong. Did you water too much, or not enough? Did you use the wrong soil, or maybe the wrong size planter? Should you have mixed in peat moss? Did you use the wrong food, fertilizer, or pesticide? Maybe your plant wasn’t trimmed properly, or got too much sun… or not enough sun. There are a plethora of things that can go wrong with an indoor plant. Horticulture is a practiced skill that can take years to get really good at.


Most of us do not have years to devote to the study of interior plants, but would still like to have some in our homes or business. If you do, you’ll need to determine the best place to put your plants so they’re getting just the right amount of light. You’ll also want to purchase appropriate planters and substrate to allow for the perfect balance of moisture and drainage, and to read up on various types of fertilizer, pests (and how to control them), plant foods, and the best ways to help flowering interior plants grow and bloom as they should. If you don’t have a naturally green thumb, this can seem a daunting task. Without the right knowledge and equipment, disaster can loom – turning your carefully chosen greenery into a stringy bunch of nothing.


The best option for interior plants in your home or business may mean hiring professionals. Horticulture specialists can help you select just the right plants for your space, and keep them looking their healthiest. Well-maintained plants in a business give the impression of confidence, competence, and caring. They also clean the air, improve mood, and just plain look nice. Plant care specialists are a great investment in your business, and can be had on nearly any budget. Why stress over plant care when there are experts standing by to help?

How Does Plant Leasing Work?

plant leasing

More businesses than ever are looking to plant leasing, and with good reason. Hiring a plant-care specialist is the best way to know that you are receiving professional services from someone with proven experience. In an office or other business setting, plants aren’t just beautiful. The right kind of plants will help filter impurities from the air. NASA tests have shown, for example, that 15-20 spider plants or golden porthos plants can clean and refresh the air in a space of up to 1,800 square feet. Treating your employees and clients to clean, fresh air leads to increased focus and productivity, and generally makes your business or office a more pleasant place to be.

So why lease? For starters, most of us are not trained horticulturists. A horticulture specialist will know what plants are best for your particular environment. They can tell you which plants must have a south or west facing window, which shouldn’t be around air conditioning, or which plants are best to combat any particular pollutants or small airborne contaminates like ozone from copy machines, or benzene from carpets or building materials. Consulting with plant leasing professionals will help ensure that you get the most out of your investment, and are pleased with the results.

Plant leasing doesn’t just involve choosing plants. A reputable plant leasing company will guarantee customer satisfaction. They will regularly come in and care for your plants, and respond quickly to any issues that should arise. Plant leasing also allows you to bring in new, seasonal, more, or less plants than you started with – all without hassle or guess work. Taking care of plants requires specialized skill, the sort that only comes from years of diligent study and experience. While many of us can manage to keep a houseplant alive, tending to interior plant-scapes should not be an afterthought. Like people, plants are at their best when their needs are being met and they are well cared for.